Top Reasons To Invest In Trekking Poles

weapon sticks
weapon sticks

Trekking poles are described as an essential tool for some events that include mountaineering and hiking. Below are ten reasons to choose trekking poles for your next hiking expedition as well how you can overcome the limitations linked to this equipment.

1.Trekking poles similar to the ski poles assist in allowing your arms to push you upwards and forward. They serve a purpose over flat terrain or to tackle steep hills. These poles, when used in the correct manner, can assist in increasing the speed at which you travel.

2.Trekking poles help in reducing the impact to your feet, ankles, knees and legs. This applies in particular when you are going downhill. In 1999, a study conducted by The Journal Of Sports Medicine discovered that the use of trekking poles have the ability to decrease compressive force that occurs to the knees by 25%.

3.Trekking poles have the ability to push away brush, overhanging branches, thorny blackberries or to push aside spider webs that often cross trails. This can contribute to a more comfortable hike.

4.You can use your poles to maintain or establish consistent rhythms that can contribute to an increase in your overall speed. These poles assist with an increase in speed on non-technical and flatter terrain.

5.The additional points-of-contact assist in increasing traction when you travel over slippery or uneven surfaces such as loose rocks, snow, and mud.

6.The best hiking sticks also contribute to assisting you in maintaining balance, especially when on challenging terrain such as slippery bog-bridges, tree-roots that cross your path and while you cross rivers. When you are balanced, you can move more quickly and quicker.

7.Poles also serve the purpose of acting as probes that provide you with the necessary information that may not be seen by your eyes. You can use your trekking poles to learn about quicksand, snow bridges that have started to melt and how deep puddles are.

8.You can use your trekking poles as a weapon to fend off an attack from wildlife such as wild dogs or bears. You can swing them over your head to make you appear larger or throw them at the attacking animal.

9.Your poles can be used to decrease some weight that you may be carrying. If you are carrying a heavy back pack and you, need to take a break. You can lean on your poles to help you feel more comfortable while resting.

10.Your trekking poles are also useful for other factors over and above hiking or trekking. They can save you on having to carry the weight on bringing along tent poles. You can pitch up a shelter with your poles and save on having to take an additional 2 pounds. Also, these poles are more rigid and stronger when compared to tent poles which mean they can handle high winds better. These poles can also be used in an emergency situation to replace medical splints and also serve the purpose of pack-rafting paddles.

One of the disadvantages of the trekking poles can be associated with energy expenditure increases when you start to use your arms more than usual. The poles can become tangled up in bushes, caught in rocks and can decrease your hand functions.
The majority of hikers that use trekking poles prefer the types that do not feature the wrist straps. This allows you to transfer both of your poles to one hand when taking pictures or to eat, and you can drop them if you fall or need to use your hands.